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3 Key Points to Remember when Listing Your Home for Sale in Chandler & Gilbert, AZ

Selling your home faster and for the most money is every seller’s goal.  There is lots of competition for sellers and you need to put your best foot forward when listing your home.  Follow these three simple steps and put the odds of selling your home faster and for the most money!

1.  Declutter & Clean – First Impressions are everything!  A clean & decluttered home (both inside & outside yard) helps a buyer think & process information easier in order to make a decision.  They are not mentally overwhelmed and it allows the few changes they might have to make to personalize the home easier to swallow.  Otherwise, their main goal is to leave the house!

2.  Staging & Great Pictures –  Proper Staging provides a warm homey feel with everything in its place (not too much & not too little).  Your listing pictures (pictures are worth a 1,000 words) will convey this to the 90% of buyers who start their home search on the Internet or receive emailed listings from agents.  You want just enough pictures (not too many) to the tease the buyer to come and see more and experience the home.  Part of the buying decision is an emotional feeling only gained by seeing the home.

3.  Price it Right – Set your listing price comparable to other homes that have similar upgrades.  You will sell your home faster and for the most money.  You can’t get the same price for your home that has very little upgrades when compared your neighbor who got top dollar but their home was remodeled and looks like an HGTV home.  Buyers do not pay for the emotional value we place on our homes or “what we want to get”.  Buyer’s offers are made according to what the home is worth compared to similar homes with similar upgrades.  After all, isn’t that what we do when we are buyers?

Doing these three things will help sell your home faster and the for the most money.  There’s obviously more details that go into listing your home for sale. 

Please contact me should you have any questions or want more information.

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